Heya! I’m Jason, but you can call me Spilly! Most people do! I am a character animator! It may sound bias but I think it’s the coolest job on the planet. Hands down. It is undoubtedly a massive challenge, but the rewards are priceless! It’s amazing to see something you created live on a screen before you!

I am an alumni of Animation Mentor! It’s an amazing online school that teaches you basically everything you need to know to get you started animating. It was by far one of the best decisions in my life! I feel not only I have the tools I need but the ability to infuse life into characters. I love the school and try to give back as much as I can to it by peer buddying and alumni tutoring as often as I can.  I even made it into a couple Animation Mentor videos – the Student Testimonials and Student Showcase Summer 2009! If you would like to see some of my work, I have two sections on the site. One houses my demo reel and the other the current project I am working on.

Other tidbits about me are I love to cook, read, randomly burst into song and dance, laugh, watch movies, play video games, draw, paint, act, improv, enjoy food and music, ramble, travel, play piano, and provide “spilly notes” for fellow animators’ projects.

There is a lot of life to live so let’s go live it!


One response to “About

  1. Hello Jason!
    Busy animating or are you actually enjoying Canada Day?

    I have a question… Do you Mentor or advise fellow artists?

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