In with the new!


Long time no post! I can’t believe its April already! Time is flying faster than usual it seems. It feels like only yesterday that I was down in San Francisco having a grand time with my friends. Now spring is here and promises of better days. I have decided to change the look of the blog to celebrate a new phase in my life. My birthday was this weekend and leading up to it I had a period of reflection. I have begun the process of cutting away with the dead weight in my life and focusing on the essence of my bliss. So what better way to start than to brighten things up a little!

One big moment in the last few months was watching Dreamworks’ latest movie How To Train Your Dragon. It is amazing! If you haven’t seen it go now and watch it! In 3D if you can! The movie has so many fantastic moments in it that really raise the bar for entertaining movie experiences. The relationship between Hiccup and Toothless was done amazingly well and I tip my hat off to the animators that really pushed their performances. Definitely raised the bar on personal expectations for sure! Being a huge dork for dragons, wizards, and magic, it totally captivated my imagination. Is it wrong to want your own Nightfury? I don’t think so. I am excited to see the other animated movies that are slated for this year. Not only are there a good selection of them, it’s fantastic to see that the industry is going strong and the audiences are loving it. Even with the recession taking a toll on the studios it’s fantastic to see that stories will continue to be told!

Another big thing has been happening as of late. It’s more exciting and humbling to me more than it is to anyone. Animation Mentor has been using the diva from my Mommie Dearest shot that made it into the student showcase in adverts for the tips & tricks blog! It completely floors me each time I see it! I never thought they would use her for adverts because I thought it was “too dark and moody” and not as appealing as other selections. So imagine my surprise when I come across it on Bobby Beck’s blog! My geeking out spread to facebook where others told me it was on cartoon brew and cgsociety. Being away from the shot for so long, I can start to see why she has impact. The lighting that Rachel Ito did totally sells the idea beyond anything I could have hoped for. It’s interesting to look at it and see the essence of what I was going for as opposed to inner rants about what I didn’t accomplish. Having that fresh perspective on the whole project, I have a new sense of respect for my achievement. A year after I finish it I am actually happy with it! I was relaying this to my sister who had to deal with my ramblings the other night. She reminded me that almost no one thought I should do the piece, herself included, because “it’s two women yelling all the time and how can you make that have pathos?” It was an uphill battle most of the time, but as it turns out she has been my favourite character to animate! And to see her getting attention is just icing on the cake for me!

On a final note, I want to leave you with some food for thought. Since I have been taking stock of my life and making changes, there has been a lot of moments where it was hard to come to terms with the issue at hand. The main thing to remember is when dealing with them, if they don’t fit who you are and what you want people to remember you as, then it needs to go. Look at it, understand what purpose it served, appreciate what it did for you – good or bad, then put it in a box, and let it go. We are shaped by what we experience and are defined by how we handle what comes. It’s far too easy to get lost in the details of struggles but the focus must be on maintaining what happiness we can find in the battle. That has become my focus now. Life is too short to lose sight of what makes you happy.

Joy is everywhere, you just have to look!



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