Fun Times In Dec!


Early Happy Holidays! Christmas is sneaking up fast! Before you know it we will be welcoming in 2010! It’s insane!

Before I get rambling, go see The Princess and the Frog. Like now. Come back after you’ve seen it. No really, go.

Now that you’re back, wasn’t I right?! It was amazing! So glad to see that Disney got the magic back up on the screen. If they keep doing their thing we will see even more magic from them. They know how to do villians.  Dr. Facilier was fantastic! Loved how he rolled the cards in his hand and how he moved! He was just oozing character on the screen. Don’t even get me started on the shadows! They were utterly amazing. Period. The other character I loved was Charlotte. They captured her bundle of energy brilliantly and had me in stitches several times. I have a thing for side characters cause they, like the villains, tend to be fleshed out more and have to hit you with their personalities on frame one so that they are instantly recognizable. Hilarious! Other moment that had me gone was Louis’ flashback! I want to see it again! Let’s go now!

Part of what made it so awesome was going with animators. I found out that there are two AMers in Saskatoon! Of course I had to spark a get together to see this. Sadly, another AMer from not far away couldn’t make it, so it was just the three of us. It was fantastic to meet them and I had a blast with them! After the movie we went for drinks to talk about the movie and animation. It was so great being around animators that I cannot wait till Jan when I go down to grad and hang out with my other animator friends. We definitely need to meet more! I swear there isn’t enough hours in a night to talk shop and other geeking out with other animators. Y’all should try it sometime!

Like mentioned, I am heading down again. You know what that means – new shot! I am trying hard to channel my inner animation guru and bring forth something spectacular. The channel lines are kinda clogged so I am working hard at getting them cleared so that something happens. I haven’t posted yet what it looks like in layout because it’s far too rough. Hopefully I will have something up in the next week or so. I am a sucker for a longer piece! lol. Got a month basically till I go so there is going to be some insane hours pulled to make this work. I looked back at what my reel was a year ago and I am pleased to see the progress that I have made. It’s always good to see where you came from to get an idea where you are going. Here’s hoping it turns out to a fraction of what I want! Keep you posted on it!

If I don’t get another post up soon, I will say it now. Happy Holidays, Happy New Year and may you and yours have a merry, restful and joyous time!