November Rush


It’s been awhile again! I can’t believe how bad I am getting at updating! I need more exciting things to happen so that I can blog all the time haha. Things have been pretty much on par for the last couple months. Not much deviations from the normal pace. Excitement does loom however! I am heading back down in January for AM’s grad and job fair weekend! I can’t wait to be down there again and see my friends again. Every six months isn’t cutting it anymore. I want us all to live in a house like the Golden Girls! We can share our crazy antics while having iced tea on the lanai. I think it would be brilliantly fun. So for one short weekend I need to absorb as much as I can to last me the next six months! Unless a job comes through. Then I can be closer to them potentially depending on where it is. I just want a Golden Girl house of working animators. Is that so much to ask?! 😉

So in preparation of this weekend, I have decided to work on a new shot. It’s a longer, emotionally charged two character dialogue piece. It’s just one of those animations that needs to get out of my system. Nothing like challenging your skills while you are working out some inner demons through art. Hopefully soon I will be able to post something of it soon. I’ve been going through very sporadic phases of working on it and now that I have a deadline I need to settle in for the long haul. I have enough stubbornness to get it done, I just need to gather my huxpah to get it done. I got a pretty good support group that’s in need for me to get more done to show them so that’s always good. Pressure can be a good thing if you view it that way! I got to rise to the occasion and show what I am capable of! Time is ticking!

Have you seen where I put my talent? Must have left it in my other coat…



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