May the force be with you…


*edit – for those looking, the response is “and with you…”

It’s been awhile since I have posted! I will try to stay more on top of this! Life has been crazy hectic since the last time I posted so that is my excuse. I am actually writing this before I have to run off to a party for a friend that is marrying my best friend so I will try to be as concise and short winded as I can! So let’s  begin!

Life itself has been pretty darn interesting. I had some ups and downs through the last couple months, but I think I have made a breakthrough! I realize now what I don’t need in my life and I am making changes to cut away the dead wood and rebuild. These changes have affected things positively – especially my animation! I can sit down now and enjoy my work more cause I am not doubting myself all of the time. That carries over into other parts of my life. I am channeling my inner voice more and things are taking a spin for the better! I encourage all of you reading this to do it if you haven’t done so already! I have a great animator friend that was brilliant to let me talk it all out with him and I will be eternally grateful! AVALON!

Onto the animation! The more exciting thing in my life! I had a close call with a games company in Montreal. Missed it by that much! I was super excited to be considered and thank them and my friend that referred me a ton for everything! It was a total boost to my confidence and that was priceless. I got to do a couple tests in two days and that was fantastic! I loved the challenge and realized that I tend to work better under pressure. I have to work more on instinct and don’t have the time to tear it and myself apart. Lesson learned! I also decided to compete in this month’s 11 Second Club Competition. I am trying to fit it in with everything I have to do in the last little while, but I think it should come out ok! I will be posting it in my Current Project section after I submit it. I decided to do it how I wanted to do it since it was a challenge to see if I could merge these two different ideas together. I had taken a quiz on facebook to see what 9 Old Men animator I was like and Frank Thomas was who I resemble. I am greatly honoured and have a lot to live up to. He is one of my idols. Since he did such wonderful emotional moments I want to see if I can do the same. I already gravitate towards the emotional so this became a challenge. Work this comedic thought I had with an emotional moment. I don’t know if I have pulled it off, but I am certainly still going for it!

Once I have that done, I will start on my next piece. I am doing a pantomime shot that is just a simple gag. I have done a fair bit of dialogue shots in the last while so I figure it’s long overdue. It should be fun since I want to push exaggeration in my work. I want to have it done before the Animation Mentor graduation/job fair/bbq weekend in July so I might have my work cut out for me! I have two weddings in June in which I am involved in so it’s going to be hectic! I think I have simplified it to its essence so that should help out a lot. I am excited for it cause I want to use a rig I haven’t used before. I am so excited to start on it it’s ridiculous!

Animation Mentor. I mentioned that I was going and I think I need to babble about it again. Going there was one of the best decisions I ever made. I wouldn’t be sitting here talking excitedly about animation if it hadn’t been for them. Giving me the ability to do what I love to do is something I have a loss of words for. I have met some amazing people and I have the honour to call some of them my friend. Ecstatic is the closest word I can find to describe how I feel about going back down there in July to see almost all of them again. Last bbq they had chosen me to do an interview for the Student Testimonial video that they were compiling – I just found out that I made the cut! There I am, babbling with the hands flying about! I am touched that they chose me and so many of my friends. Look  for John, Sue, Kelley, Jules, Arnie and Teresa! And my laugh even makes an appearance! Check it out!

So cool to see them and their feelings! I am so pumped for everyone and I cannot wait to work with them one day! Now I have to leave otherwise I will be late! Never stop dreaming and doing what you love to do!

May the force be with you!