At it again!


So I am back at it! After crazyness since getting back from Siggraph I am finally settling into the groove of hammering out a new shot. It’s been quite the battle so far I tell ya! I had started it back in early summer and I got a fair ways into it. Then it suddenly corrupted. Lost everything including the backups. I was able to pin it on a bad piece of geometry I converted to be compatible with maya. It isn’t the first time that has happened to me so apparently I didn’t learn my lesson the first time. This time I won’t make the same mistakes!

I am excited to be sinking my teeth into it again! I have wanted to do this particular piece for almost 3 years now. When I originally decided to tackle this piece I discovered I was horribly unknowledged in animation to do it justice. That was part of the reason I decided to go to Animation Mentor – I needed to do this dialogue shot.  Now that I have the info under my belt and some renewed confidence I am tackling it! Got my reference filmed and rough thumbs drawn. It feels great to be back into the mess of it all! It’s gonna be a long week and weekend of smacking it into maya but that’s half the fun. I got a clear image in my head of what I want so that makes everything so much easier and faster.  I have set a somewhat crazy deadline for this but I am confident I can make it.

I don’t want to give much away about it until I have my blocking done. What I will say its an emotionally charged piece that involves a woman acting like a diva. I have to confess – I love divas. There is something about them that has always fascinated me. I know I sound lame but I don’t care lol. They have this crazy talent and that’s really all we want from them. They are alive when they are using their talent and tend to fall apart when they aren’t. Their emotions are bubbling under the surface and they have distinctive ways of moving. To me, they are pure animation potential. They are like two people in one. For the most part everything is about them. That’s what I am trying to convey in this piece. It’s gonna be a real challenge to get all that into the character but I am up for it! I want to push my facial animation to the next level. I want her to be saying something and her eyes telling us that she is only thinking about herself. All about the subtext. *gets lost in thought*

I am not sure this rant is making sense to anyone but me. Pretend you are me to get the full impact of it lol. I will end off this post with a pic of my favourite animated diva. She is more femme fatale than she is diva but is still a diva.

"I'm not bad, I'm just drawn that way."


Jessica Rabbit was the best animated character in the movie in my opinion. She had all the mental qualities you expected from a femme fatale and a very commanding presence. When I first saw it, there came a point where I forgot she was a cartoon and believed her to be real. That fascinated me. Looking back on my work and style, I notice that my work is more like how she was animated rather than Roger. It all comes full circle.

I hope this piece ends up with a memorable performance by a memorable character. We’ll see! I will post pictures of it when I have something! Till then….ROCK ON!!