He’s Back…


Holy lick it has been AGES since I last wrote! I swore that it wasn’t going to be like this, and yet it happened! I promise that I am going to make more of an effort now that I think I have some normalicy back in my life. So let’s dig in on what I have done in my absense.

I graduated AnimationMentor.com on March 28th. WOOT! It was one of the best experiences of my life and it was over before I wanted it to be! I loved every minute of it and I have really grown as an animator from it! Heck, as a person! My work I am for the most part pleased with. I am still a noob and have much to learn, but I am pleased my work turned out like it did. Of course I want to push it further and have another go at it lol. I have made strides in my confidence when it comes to skills and that is priceless to me. I met some truly amazing people that will be friends of mine for a very long time. I can’t wait to work with them someday!

I got my short film “done”. Betty from HR is more or less completed and I couldn’t be happier! There are still a lot of things I see wrong with it, but people laugh and enjoy it so I guess I did my job right. I am currently doing a little extra work on it and getting it all lit for rendering. I can’t wait to have it all rendered so people can see what it more or less looks like in my head! That’s half the battle, getting it from your head to screen and it still hitting the mark you wanted to achieve. Its at the end of my reel in the demo page if you care to look. I can’t embed it into the blog or upload video, so I guess I will have to upgrade my account lol. Technology I tells ya!

I am an alumni tutor. I was lucky enough to get into this program where tutors host a weekly Q&A for underclassmen at AM. We talk about different topics and open the floor up for questions and chit chat. It’s been going awesome so far. I get to tutor class 1 and 2 students. Let me tell you, they are so full of energy and you can see their minds sponge everything up. I remember being like that when I started, so it totally reinvigorates me to get back to shots and continue working on new ones. Even just chatting with them gets me all wired. I literally buzz around for a couple hours after they are done! It’s crazy lol.

My computers got infected with viruses. That was jolly fun to deal with. They were down for almost a week and a half collectively trying to quarantine the stupid things. I got rid of most of them and then they got the upper hand by eating my Windows registry. So I was forced to wipe both and start over. I lost some stuff just because I couldn’t backup after the infections. It wouldn’t recognize my external hard drive anymore. Oh well, lesson learned to be on top of things and don’t let roomie use internet on my Maya computer. Tight ship I run now! The Jolly Spilly don’t let no scurvy onboard no more, yarr!

Other than that, just getting out and hanging with friends more. It was nice to take some time off during the computer fiasco. Got to do some fun and crazy things. Now with the batteries recharged and the mind back in focus, I can’t wait to move past my assignments and short film and dive more into my new shots! Carpe Diem!