In the thick of things…


So its been ages since I posted lol. I was convinced that I was going to post regularly, but of course life got in the way. Suprise, suprise! It’s been crazy trying to balance work, the short, sleep and any attempts at being social. Unfortunately, work has been as busy as it is boring, so coming home I lack the motivation to create brilliant animation. It sucks cause I know my passion is animating, and not having the energy to do it kills me. I have decided to take a week off work and devote it entirely to the short, so that should stop me from fighting with myself lol. Let me tell you this: focus on your passions! Don’t let menial work get in the way of it. I am learning this the hard way. I am literally insane for attempting to animate a third of my short friday night to sunday morning. I get little bits in during the week, but it almost always gets an overhaul again before I submit lol. So I am either becoming a faster animator or setting the house of cards up in the path of a tornado!

That being said, I actually like where Betty from HR is going! I ususally hate everything I do, but this time I am having fun with it! There are parts that drive me nuts, but it seems every third has a shot that makes me giggle. That helps me get through it a lot. I just make sure they set up the good parts so that I have even more fun making them lol. I post some images soon of it so that you will know what I am talking about. Nothing like having no clue what I am talking about lol. Then again, that happens a lot…

Animation aside, it’s been rather dull and busy. My family has realized that I might be gone soon so they are bound and determined to distract me and attempt to spend a lot of time with me. It’s nice and all, but it would be nice if they understood that when I say I need to go and work they should let me do so. I can only do so much and I won’t make it anywhere if I don’t spend time animating. Don’t get me wrong they are super supportive of my animation career, but they just are underfoot too much. I am hermitizing to make everything work, which has it’s pros and cons. My friends accept they don’t see me that often, but then again I am not a huge social butterfly to begin with lol. I like having some alone time where my thoughts can just ramble. Kinda like what they are doing here lol. I know that I am passing up some quality time with everyone to get something done on my short, but I feel I am doing the right thing. I got some events planned along the way so that we get to hang out and be crazy. It’s just a double edge sword. A very frustrating one at that!

Oooo! AM has lined up the annual BBQ with the premiere of Wall-E! I am so excited! Last year it synched up with Ratatouille and a gaggle of AMers went opening night together and basically occupied one theater. It was amazing! It was surreal to be watching it with fellow animators. There was this vibe in the room and the appreciation for what we were watching was electrifying. I have to admit that I became a little bit of an attraction cause my laugh was rather loud that night lol. I almost didn’t make it through Lifted. It wasn’t pretty lol. I had people coming up after and the next day saying they enjoyed how I died laughing. I even had some tell me recently that I have to come to the BBQ this year for that reason lol. Who woulda thunk that my laugh would make me somewhat famous? I totally hope I can go. I can’t guarantee it but I am definately trying to budget for it.

Other than that, I got nothing lol. I am just rambling now. I gotta do more research into life after AM and film more reference for life in AM. I will sign off and get back at it! Rock on!