Back to School!


School is almost back in sessions! WOOT! I am so excited to get into the last term at AM. I have severely missed the school over the break. I find myself loading up the page and then remembering for the umpteenth time that we are in a break lol. I totally need my daily forum fix! I am going crazy!

Reflecting on the break, it was far more restful than I thought it was going to be. I wanted to get my previous shots up to snuff and get my blocking started. Oh the great plans! Then I was wiped out due to another visit by the migrane fairy. I was useless for like 4 days because I couldn’t form a thought. I am used to the ones I get and can typically work through them no problem, but these ones just kicked my arse! I am completely behind where I want to be. It annoys me greatly and the rush panic is starting to hit me. I got a lot of work ahead of me! I hope it looks good cause I gotta balance time on the short with sleep and working fulltime. I am hoping the whole “risk big, win big” thing works for me lol. I actually hate this part of the process. Right between layout and blocking. I am completely my worst enemy and I doubt all my decisions to this point. I just need to push through and get ‘er done! Once I am animating I get the flow back and trudge through it. That’s the trick, shutting up that voice in my head lol.

I can’t wait to see who I have as a mentor and classmates. I hope I get one last class with my friends and end this amazing experience with a bang! I totally believe things happen for a reason. I haven’t been disappointed yet and I have high hopes for last term. The level our work has risen to is amazing when you look back to when we started. This term is gonna push us to our limits, the results will be fascinating to see. Look at me, all excited again! I hope everyone has a great term and their shorts kick butt. I am totally going to be a buddy next term if they will let me cause I want to see how the process goes for my friends in the class below me. Great stuff I tells ya!

I better take off. I just wanted to do a quick post before I left for Ukrainian Christmas. Chaos never seems to end, so enjoy the ride! Last term baby!

Merry Ukrainian Christmas!



Happy New Year!

Heya 2008!

It is finally upon us! 2008! Woot! I can’t believe how fast last year went by! It was one heck of a year I tell ya. This one should be just as cool and nerve wracking! lol. Graduation looms in the near future and hopefully the call of an animation job not long after. This little ol animator tackling the big world. That’s a happy little thought I will be hanging on to!

So before my thoughts on the year that’s past, I will share my resolutions for the new one. I resolve to make a kick arse short film in 3 months and land an animation job.  Nothing complicated at all lol. I also resolve to lose some weight and learn to expand my culinary repitoire. I am super excited to get this year underway! A little giddy as well lol.

Last year was quite the year. Animating my butt off for AM was a huge, wonderful part of it. I absolutely love AM. It’s one of the greatest decisions I ever made and I won’t regret it for a second. I learned so much this year and it amazes me how much I still have to learn. That’s the exciting part of animation to me. It’s always evolving. Mental stimulation at its finest! I also went to San Francisco in June for the AM annual bbq which was amazing! Not only did I get to meet some awesome people, I flew for the first time! That was something. I was freaked out, but it was easy once I got into the plane. Why be worried when a great adventure looms?! San Francisco and the bay area is beautiful. The weather was perfect when I was there which made it easy to lose my heart to SF. I made some awesome friends while down there. I can’t wait for grad when I get to hang out with them again. They are like family to me! A whole whack of students went to the opening of Ratatouille while we were there. That was amazing! The movie is stellar and the viewing atmosphere was electric. I never laughed so hard in my life. Lifted almost killed me. My laugh got all shrieky and wheezy. People were coming up to me and recognized me by the laugh. It was cool! But even cooler – I stood in front of the Pixar gates! I have pics to prove it! I had a total geeking out moment too which was a little sad but funny lol. I want to work for them one day solely cause their work inspires me to push myself, my skills and I feel like I would mesh there. Rambling! Anyhue, the year was good! Not too many setbacks or downfalls, which is a plus!

2008 is the year it all comes together! It’s gonna be one heck of a ride. I am so excited I could pass out! ROCK ON!